Kosovo Spends Nearly €116 Million on Electricity Imports in a Year, About 36 million from Albania alone

 Kosovo has spent approximately €116 million on importing electricity within a year, with the majority of imports coming from North Macedonia at over €49 million, while imports from Albania totaled €35.9 million.

Kosovo Spends Nearly €116 Million on Electricity Imports in a Year, About 36 million from Albania alone
During the year 2023, Kosovo imported electricity worth around €116 million from six different countries, including some that do not officially recognize Kosovo as a state.

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics has reported that Kosovo also purchased energy from Spain and Serbia, totaling €89,223.

Statistical data indicates that Kosovo imported the most electricity from North Macedonia in 2023, amounting to over €49.2 million.

Additionally, Kosovo acquired energy worth over €35.9 million from Albania, over €17 million from Slovenia, and approximately €7.5 million from Denmark.

In March 2023, the Kosovo Assembly approved the Energy Strategy 2022-2031, aiming to generate 35% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2031.

Kosovo has the capacity to produce around 800 megawatts of electricity per hour, while its winter demand peaks at around 1,300 megawatts per hour.

One of the reasons for underproduction is the decades-old age of thermal power plants.

Data from the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, published for the month of November, indicate that gross electricity availability was 648.95 GWh, with electricity consumption reaching 432.84 GWh, representing a 5.49% increase compared to the same month the previous year. The participation of alternative energy in total consumption was 18.75%. Coal production was approximately 5.06 thousand tons, which is 16.04% less than the same month of the previous year.

Last year, according to a previous report by the Regulatory Energy Agency, over 750 thousand megawatt-hours of electricity were imported, while around 6.35 million megawatt-hours were produced by the Kosovo Energy Corporation's thermal power plants.

According to the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, until September of this year, over 246 thousand megawatt-hours have been imported.

Based on the latest tariffs approved by the Regulatory Energy Agency in April last year (subject to change in April of this year), consumers spending up to 800 kilowatts per hour within a month are charged 7.79 cents per kilowatt-hour during the day, while those spending more than 800 kilowatts are charged 14.45 cents. From 22:00 to 7:00, the price per kilowatt-hour is 3.34 cents for those spending up to 800 kilowatts and 6.81 cents for those spending more.
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