Kosovo Prime Minister Kurti Says He Faces Numerous Threats from Serbian Official Structures

 Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti confirms that he has received numerous threats from Serbian structures. He made this statement in response to questions from journalists following reports from Radio Television of Kosovo that there was an attempted assassination of Prime Minister Kurti in Skopje, where he stayed on Friday night after the meeting of the UN Security Council.

Albin Kurti in Skopje in a public apparence, February 9, 2024
 Albin Kurti in Skopje in a public apparence, February 9, 2024
"I did not feel endangered," confirms the head of government, emphasizing that he saw many police forces during the meeting he held with sister socialist parties.

"I have learned that there are many threats from individuals and structures rooted in official Belgrade. When I came from Skopje here, I did not feel endangered but I saw that there were many police forces who took care of this meeting we held in Skopje with the social democratic parties and where the special guest was the chairman of the German Social Democratic Party, who had come from Berlin," Kurti stated.

RTK writes that assessments of the threat to Kurti's life have been serious, especially considering that they have come from several sources of information.

It also reports that there has been a Serbian operational overlap on this issue, with possible assailants from Serbo-Macedonian extremists, close to the Russian federation.
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