'Tax Increase for Freelancers is the reason why Middle-Class Albanians are leaving the country'

Arbi Agalliu in a press statement on Wednesday
 Arbi Agalliu in a press statement on Wednesday
 PD Secretary for the Program, MP Arbi Agalliu, Addresses Tax Increase for Freelancers

In a press statement on Wednesday, the Secretary for the Program of the Democratic Party (PD), MP Arbi Agalliu, discussed the increase in income tax for liberal professions.

Agalliu emphasized that starting from January 1, 262 liberal professions would pay higher taxes to the state budget.

The PD deputy highlighted that instead of easing the burden on self-employed individuals, who constitute a pillar of the Albanian economy, the government is increasing the tax burden, pushing them to leave the country.


Greetings, esteemed citizens!

As of January 1, the progressive tax with tax rates of 15% and 23% for the self-employed, individuals, and service providers of liberal professions has come into effect.

From January 1, there are 262 liberal professions where thousands of Albanians work to support their families, and they will pay more taxes to the state budget.

In fact, these self-employed individuals make up the majority of the middle class in our society. It is precisely this group of citizens that facilitates the circulation of money. It is precisely this layer that consumes and invests in Albanian markets. It is precisely this group that propels the Albanian economy forward, generates jobs, and circulates capital.

But what is happening?

Instead of reducing the fiscal burden by providing relief, the government is doing the opposite. The increase in fiscal obligations or the introduction of new taxes further burdens this crucial layer of our society.

The increase in the fiscal burden, especially the progressive tax in countries with fragile economies like Albania, will increase informality, not to mention that increasing the fiscal burden pushes businesses towards bankruptcy.

The government should encourage activity in liberal professions by reducing the fiscal burden and even incentivizing certain enterprises, but this is not happening. It is not happening because the gaps in the state budget, resulting from abuse and theft by this government, need to be covered, and we witness its scandals every day.

Dear citizens!

The year 2024 should be a year where entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals are at the center of the government's attention to assist, support, subsidize, and encourage their further development. However, it seems that the government's attention will be focused on taxing them more.

Among other things, this is also the reason why the middle class is leaving Albania. Doctors, engineers, nurses, plumbers, technicians, electricians, and many other professionals are leaving more and more each day.
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