Strakosha: "I Know Who I Am, It's Hard to Be a Reserve at Brentford"

Dopo l'eliminazione del Brentford dalla FA Cup, l'ex portiere della Lazio Thomas Strakosha ha parlato in esclusiva a
 Dopo l'eliminazione del Brentford dalla FA Cup, l'ex portiere della Lazio Thomas Strakosha ha parlato in esclusiva a
 Albanian goalkeeper Thomas Strakosha opens up about his challenges, aspirations, and the tough role of being a reserve at Brentford in a candid interview. Despite his stellar performances, the disappointment of FA Cup elimination and the desire for more playing time shape Strakosha's reflections on his current situation and future aspirations.

In a candid interview with, Albanian national team goalkeeper Thomas Strakosha shared insights into his challenging career, from the tough times in London to the indelible influence of former coach Simone Inzaghi and the uncertain future at Brentford.

Despite Strakosha's numerous saves, Wolverhampton managed to advance to the third round of the FA Cup. Reflecting on the disappointing outcome, the goalkeeper expressed, "It wasn't what we expected. We wanted to advance to the next round, but we couldn't do it. The result is what it is. Now, we have to look ahead and focus on the next challenge."

The disappointment is significant for everyone, especially for Strakosha. For the former Lazio player, the FA Cup represented an excellent opportunity to showcase his skills. However, as the reserve goalkeeper for Brentford this season, he has been on the sidelines, with Dutch goalkeeper Mark Flekken preferred by coach Thomas Frank, following the departure of David Raya to Arsenal.

Addressing his limited playing time, Strakosha was straightforward, stating, "Honestly, I need to play, and a solution must be found with the club. I know what I deserve and what I have accomplished in my career. I know who I am, so we need to find a solution because I want to play. There's a European Championship ahead, and the best solution must be found."

Despite the promise of being the starting goalkeeper, the London club seems to have fallen short on its commitment. Strakosha emphasized, "I would never have come to be on the bench. I've never done it in my life, and I certainly won't do it now. I had a long injury last year, and it happens because anything can happen in life. We don't give up... even though I expected something more this year. Now, I just want to be well, and for that, I need to find a solution."

The possibility of packing his bags after just 18 months is on the table. Strakosha confirmed, "There is always a possibility, but it depends on both parties. Let's see what happens."

Having missed almost the entire previous season due to a severe ankle ligament injury, Strakosha is eager to bounce back. "Seven months are long, and last year I almost lost the entire season. I just need to regain confidence and find someone who believes in me. Then, I will show who I really am. In my mind, I know I am strong, but I need to regain rhythm and confidence after a long period without consistent play. I will repay those who trust me."

In these challenging months, Strakosha found solace in his family's support, particularly from his father. He stated, "My family supports me and believes in me, and that's enough. But now, there needs to be someone else who believes in me. At my age, I want to play and have fun. I have another 10 years of goalkeeping career ahead, and I want to make the most of it."

Lastly, Strakosha expressed gratitude to Simone Inzaghi, the coach who played a pivotal role in his career, giving him the opportunity to debut in the first team at a young age. "I will forever thank Simone Inzaghi because he gave me the chance to play when I was a young boy at Lazio. Usually, no one trusts such a young goalkeeper in Italy. Apart from Donnarumma, I don't think there has been another so young, at least not with Lazio. Inzaghi is an exceptional person, and I sincerely thank him. As a coach, he is proving to be truly strong. Having the trust of a coach like him is a big deal, and I hope it's the year of the Scudetto for him. Inter deserves it... the Nerazzurri are playing very well and can do well both in the league and in the Champions League."
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