Ministry of Interior of Albania Addresses Escape Attempt and Highlights Progress in Crime Prevention

Dan Hutra on trial
 Dan Hutra on trial (archive)
In a recent interview with local media, the Albanian Deputy Minister of Interior Julian Hodaj shed light on a thwarted attempt by the convicted Dan Hutra to escape from Fier Prison, where he is serving his sentence. The authorities successfully intervened as Hutra and his accomplices attempted to cut through the window bars using improvised tools, preventing their escape in the nick of time.

Escape Plan and Collaboration:

Hutra's escape plan involved collaboration with fellow inmates Martin Kapllani, Geraldo Veizaj, and Feti Kovaçi. Deputy Minister Hodaj expressed relief that such an incident was averted on time, acknowledging the potential dangers posed by such escape attempts.

"Considering the dynamics these structures present, it is fortunate that the situation was brought under control. The timely prevention of such an incident is crucial, given the knowledge of what could occur when these individuals are outside," remarked Hodaj.

Crime Trends and Improvements:

During the interview, Hodaj highlighted a decrease in the number of homicides over the years, attributing the positive trend to enhanced cooperation with authorities. He emphasized the need for responsible action, given the improved figures in recent years.

"The factors contributing to the decline in serious incidents are collaboration with authorities. Looking at the trend over the years, the statistics from recent years show improvement. We must acknowledge that the figures have improved, compelling us to work with even greater responsibility," Hodaj stated.

Record Tourism and Future Challenges:

Hodaj further noted that the previous year witnessed a record number of tourists visiting Albania. He credited the public for creating an environment that allowed tourists to have pleasant holidays in the country. As the 2024 tourist season approaches, Hodaj acknowledged the upcoming challenges and emphasized the need for proactive measures.

January 21st and Ongoing Judicial Processes:

Touching upon the events of January 21st, Hodaj expressed the collective interest in ensuring a fair and transparent investigation. He urged the nation to remember the four victims and the wounded, emphasizing the need to address the prolonged legal processes surrounding the case.

"I have closely followed the details of the judicial processes. It is an open account, both historically and in the present, and we owe it to the Albanian people to bring closure to this matter," Hodaj affirmed.

Fresk Murder Incident:

Regarding the recent murder incident in Fresk, Hodaj speculated that it could be a family-related crime. He expressed confidence in the swift revelation of the true motives behind the incident and expressed sympathy for the unfortunate start of the year. Hodaj called for a refinement of policies and stricter enforcement of penalties for illegal firearm possession to address the escalating issue over the years.
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