Can Yaman says that in his family they speak Albanian

 The well-known Turkish series actor Can Yaman declared last year that he has Albanian origins. Regarding this news that caused a stir in the media at the time, the actor recently spoke on the show "Qejfi më i madh se Stambolli" (The Joy Greater than Istanbul), which is broadcast on Klan Kosova.

Can Yaman says that in his family they speak Albanian
Can was invited along with his colleague, Demet Ozdemir, and during the interview, he mentioned that his family speaks Albanian, although he himself has not learned the language.

"On my father's side, I have Albanian origins from Prishtina. My grandfather grew up in Prishtina, and my grandmother in Skopje. In 1959, we came to Istanbul. Relatives from my father's side speak Albanian. Cousins from the paternal side. Since I haven't met them, I don't know them.

Relatives like my father's uncles, my grandmother's brothers. They speak Albanian. Even my grandfather and grandmother speak Albanian. In fact, there are times when they speak Albanian. But I grew up more on my mother's side. And there, we didn't speak Albanian; we only spoke Turkish. That's why I don't know Albanian.

Even my father doesn't know, my uncle knows. He was born in Prishtina. There are 5 brothers; the others were born in Turkey after him. I went to Albania, Tirana, and stayed there for almost a month. In Albania, everyone knew Italian, and I spoke Italian," said the actor.
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