Turkish Police Arrest Dritan Rexhepi, Alleged Drug Trafficker from Albania

Turkish police station in Ankara
 Turkish police station in Ankara
 The Turkish police have arrested Dritan Rexhepi, a leading figure in the drug trafficking organization 'Kompanio Bello', according to reports from Turkish authorities. Rexhepi, originally from Albania, was on the list of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL).

Turkish Minister of Interior, Ali Yerlikaya, announced on his social media account, X - the first known as Twitter, that "Dritan Rexhepi, the leader of the 'Kompanio Bello' drug cartel, which exports drugs from the United States to Europe, has been arrested."

Dritan Rexhepi while being arrested by Turkish officers
 Dritan Rexhepi while being arrested by Turkish officers
Yerlikaya stated that Turkey is committed to preventing criminal organizations from operating within its borders, including "helmues" traffickers, Turkish media say.

Turkish media reported that Rexhepi entered Turkey through the Istanbul Airport with a Colombian passport with the name Benjamin Omar Perez Garcia. According to these reports, he has also been accused of information leakage with the Italian police.

Rexhepi, who has been reported to have properties in Albania, Italy, Belgium, and most recently Ecuador, is charged with drug trafficking and armed placement.

The 'Kompanio Bello' organization is considered one of the major players in the drug smuggling business from the United States to Europe.
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