Colombian boxer Placido Ramirez is beaten by Albanian fans in Tirana on the Ring

The moment when Albanian fans hit Placido Ramirez
 The moment when Albanian fans hit Placido Ramirez
 The WBC CISBB middleweight boxing match between Denis Nurja and Placido Ramirez took an unexpected turn in the fourth round, resulting in the match being declared "undeveloped" by the referee.

The incident occurred in Tirana during the fourth round when Ramirez struck Nurja as the latter was attempting to get up after a fall. This action triggered a furious response from the fans in attendance, leading to a chaotic scene in the ring.

While Nurja, with an undefeated record of 12 wins, was dealing with an injury to his leg, Ramirez caught him off guard, further infuriating the supporters of the Albanian boxer. Several fans entered the ring, resorting to physical attacks on the Colombian boxer.

Ramirez faced punches from two fans who managed to breach the security, turning the boxing ring into a battlefield. The unexpected turn of events prompted state police to intervene, attempting to restore order amid the chaos.

The entire spectacle turned the boxing ring into an arena of clashes between two opposing factions – the fans and the boxing staff. After the chaos subsided, the final decision was made to consider the match "undeveloped," marking an unusual and unfortunate end to what was expected to be a competitive bout.

Denis Nurja, with his pristine record, and Placido Ramirez, with 24 wins and three losses, were both left without an official result in a match that will be remembered more for the turmoil outside the ropes than the action within. The incident highlights the passionate nature of boxing fans and the need for heightened security measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved in such high-profile events.
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