Britain arrests the Albanians of the cocaine group, "Scarface": London gives 1.5 million pounds to Albanian prisons

The Albanian cocaine group, known as "The Scarface band"
The Albanian cocaine group, known as "The Scarface band"
 The British police have released images of the arrest of members of an Albanian drug trafficking gang that idealized Al Pacino's film "Scarface," following a series of raids organized around the capital city, London.

As reported by the "Daily Mail," investigations into the organized crime group began after reports of suspicious activities in the Derbyshire area, north of London.

The group, led by brothers Edmond and Eduard Haziri, pumped £1.1 million of cocaine into towns around Staffordshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire, selling first-class drugs disguised as lottery tickets.

According to the tabloid, they were apprehended after a year-long operation. However, the London-based newspaper "Independent" reveals further details from the agreement between the British government and the Albanian government for the transfer of Albanian prisoners to our prisons.

It includes a £1.5 million aid package for the General Directorate of Prisons in Albania, which, according to the British media, will be used to purchase 15 electric cars and 22 vans.

The deal, announced in May, foresees the transfer to their homeland of 200 Albanians imprisoned in England and Wales.
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