The Kosovo Police and Afrim Bunjaku are honored in "Times Square" in New York

The Kosovo Police and Afrim Bunjaku are honored in "Times Square" in New York
 The Kosovo Police rightfully earned the gratitude of all loyal citizens of Kosovo on Sunday, by defeating a prepared, well-armed, and well-equipped Serbian terrorist group aimed at destabilizing the situation in the northern part of the country. They also gained the respect of security professionals for their highly professional handling of the operation against the Serbian terrorists and for protecting innocent citizens and pilgrims held hostage by the terrorists at the Banjska Orthodox Monastery in the municipality of Zvecan.

The people of Kosovo particularly honored Afrim Bunjaku, the Kosovo Police officer who lost his life in the line of duty, defending the lives and property of citizens and maintaining peace and order in Kosovo, as he had sworn to do when he became a part of the country's security system. On Sunday evening, candles were lit for Afrim in Pristina, as he will be honored just like the heroes who sacrifice themselves for their homeland.

Afrim Bunjaku, along with all his colleagues who participated in the operation to confront the Serbian terrorist group, was also praised in New York. On Sunday evening, the Kosovo Police logo was displayed on the giant screen in Times Square, with the inscriptions "Thank you to our heroes, the Kosovo Police" and "Long live the Republic of Kosovo!"

The screen in Times Square also featured the logo of the Kosovo Liberation Army "KLA" with a dedication to police officer Afrim Bunjaku, who fell in combat with the Serbian terrorists on Sunday: "To die for your homeland is like being born again - Afrim Bunjaku."

In the background of the video shared on social media, a song about Mitrovica can be heard, the city that has become a symbol of resistance against Serbia's aspirations to divide the city and Kosovo.

Dren Deva from Mitrovica and his company "Tafingo" took care of honoring the Kosovo Police and Kosovo's latest hero, Afrim Bunjaku, in New York's Times Square..
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