Alban Bengasi, the Albanian lawyer, paid €120,000 to kill his wife

Alban Bengasi, the Albanian lawyer, paid €120,000 to kill his wife
 Alban Bengasi
 The Albanian lawyer Alban Bengasi, who was declared wanted by Albanian police as part of the "Golden Bullet" operation after offering Nuredin Duman and his associates 120,000 euros to eliminate his wife, was arrested this Wednesday at Rinas Airport as he was entering Albania.

Bengasi was returning from Dubai when, during passenger documentation processing, the police services identified and detained him as he was wanted. Over suspicions that his wife was cheating on him with a close friend, he offered Duman 120,000 euros to have her killed. The incident came to light after the confession given to SPAK (Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution) by a repentant of justice, who revealed that Bengasi initially requested that his wife Blerta be physically harmed, causing significant damage, and later killed.

The wife was kept under surveillance for several days in the Kodra e Diellit area in Tirana, where she had the house. Duman's accomplice, Eljo Bitri, physically assaulted Bengasi's wife several times as per Bengasi's request, expressing dissatisfaction that his ex-wife had not been harmed as he had initially demanded.

Furthermore, Bengasi offered the sum of 120,000 euros to Nuredin Duman to eliminate her, an amount that, according to the justice collaborator, was insufficient for the murder of a woman. Dumani, considered one of the most wanted figures in the world of crime, was arrested in Fier in March 2022 after a failed attempt to murder Talo Çela. Along with him, Henrik Hoxhaj, who aided in his short-lived escape, was also apprehended.

Their testimonies and the evidence found on Duman's phone, which was left wounded in the confrontation with Talo Çela, aided SPAK in unraveling criminal groups and a series of murders from 2011 to 2022.
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