Giorgia Meloni's money is placed as a souvenir in Guva Mangalem restaurant

 Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni chose to pay the bill for the Italian tourists who left the restaurant in a rush, and this action has garnered a reaction from Gabriela Kadena, the restaurant owner. The money, specifically 80 euros, will now serve as souvenirs, says Kadena, adding that the Italian tourists should be thanked as they have provided significant publicity for Berat.

Gabriela Kadena and Meloni's money in a white circle inside a jar
 Gabriela Kadena and Meloni's money in a white circle inside a jar
"Albanian and Italian journalists and TV channels have contacted us, but we didn't allow any interviews. Those Italian tourists who left without paying have given us a great publicity for our city. Let's thank them! We've already said that this wasn't a problem, as Italians are like family to us, many of them come as our relatives in Italy when we migrated. We hope they enjoyed the food. We hope they spent that money on something beautiful!

We sincerely thank Giorgia Meloni, a true lady! We're not wealthy, we work hard as a family, we don't make so much that those funds wouldn't affect us! But this isn't about money for us, and we are deeply touched by her gesture! An excellent example of dignity from a strict, good mother who sets an example in her home! Georgia is great! We love her a lot, as half-Italians that we are! She honored us greatly by coming on vacation to Vlora!

In the photo are the funds sent to us through the embassy. They will stay here in the restaurant as an exceptional memory and also against the negative view. Thank you, Prime Minister Meloni, Long live Italy, Long live Albania!" - writes Gabriela Kadena, owner of Guva Mangelam restaurant.

The video of the Italian tourists leaving the restaurant in a rush has gone viral and has generated many reactions, even in Italy. Meloni stated that she personally paid the bill and it wasn't funds from the state budget, as criticized by the opposition.
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