Foreign escorts "fill" Tirana/ Girls from Libya, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan work in rented apartments

Prostitutes in Albania (archive)
 Prostitutes in Albania (archive)
 In Albania, and mainly in the capital, foreigners who have found a secure job market in our country are often seen. However, recently another phenomenon has been noticed, local media say.

Tirana has become a destination for girls from the East who offer sexual services in exchange for payment. Girls from Libya, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, as well as China and Vietnam, come to our country as tourists and rent various apartments where they engage in their activities for sums ranging from 100 to 400 euros. They openly advertise on a website called 'Tirana escorts'.

This activity caught the attention of the authorities when three of the girls fell victim to robbery by several teenagers who, under the threat of a knife, took their cell phones and money.

Three minors suspected of violent theft stated to the police that they had contacted the foreign girls through an internet site where they offered sexual services in rented apartments in Tirana.

The minors, aged 16-17, would approach the girls posing as clients, and then when they reached their destination, they would rob them. A few days ago, such an incident occurred on 'Dervish Hatixheja' street.

Police Station No.3 identified the minors and due to their age, they were released. A similar situation occurred a few weeks ago on 'Islam Alla' street, where two girls from Libya fell victim to theft..
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