Drita Llolla, the Albanian candidate for MP in Montenegro

Drita Lolla, the Albanian candidate for MP in Montenegro
 Drita Llolla
 On June 11th, general parliamentary elections are taking place in Montenegro, where for the first time, an Albanian party, the Albanian Democratic Union, has joined a coalition with Montenegrin parties such as the Democratic Party of Socialists, the Social Democratic Party, and the Liberal Party.

Drita Llolla is Albanian, but she is fourth on the list of the Democratic Party of Socialists (PDS) and seeks to win a parliamentary mandate. According to her, Albanians have made significant progress in the neighboring country since the 1990s when their rights, like in all of former Yugoslavia, were suppressed. "The independence of Montenegro and the opening of negotiations with the EU have been positive for Albanians. We now operate in an advanced context where we have an independent state where minority rights are protected. In this new reality, Albanians can position themselves in a new political format. Certainly, more can be done in terms of increasing the number of Albanians holding leadership positions in the government," said Llolla in an interview with A2 CNN.

One of the best examples of the integration of Albanians and the increase of their role in Montenegro was the leadership of the country by Dritan Abazović, although his mandate as prime minister was more technical than political. "Abazović had a golden opportunity at a delicate moment to bring Montenegro into the EU with the trust given to him by the PDS in Parliament. But he did not deliver the expected results. He had an insincere attitude towards Albanians and Montenegrin society," said Lolla.

"Montenegro has gone through a difficult period in recent years. The halt of progress towards the EU, questionable appointments in the defense and security sector that undermined Montenegro's credibility as a NATO member. Our focus is economic recovery, but without neglecting the social aspect, to rebuild the country."

Who is Drita Llolla?
Born in Ulcinj, Lolla studied pharmacy in Tirana and lived in Albania for 10 years, while since 2015, she has been leading a non-governmental organization in Montenegro. In 2020, she started getting involved in politics and now seeks a mandate as a deputy, also serving as the chairwoman of the Women's League of the Democratic Party of Socialists.

"I highly value the period of stay in Albania because it coincides with my professional formation. Young people should stay in their country, so I returned to my homeland to advance the position of Albanians but also all citizens in Montenegro," says Llolla.
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