Albanian pastor says "Jehovah's Witnesses are a 'Satanic sect"

Albanian pastor says "Jehovah's Witnesses are a 'Satanic sect"
 Paulin Vilajeti in Euronews Albania studio
 Albanian Pastor Paulin Vilajeti was invited this Thursday to the "Good Morning Albanians" show on Euronews, where he spoke about religious coexistence in Albania.

Vilajeti specifically addressed the "Jehovah's Witnesses" believers, whom he described as a satanic cult. He emphasized that many countries have declared this sect illegal.

"I say that 'Jehovah's Witnesses' is a satanic cult because they are very closed-minded individuals who do not engage in debates.

It is a sect that has been declared illegal in certain states. They are people who sow hatred. To tell people that they cannot attend the wedding of their own brother and that they are not allowed to celebrate their own birthdays is an unprecedented horror. They do not allow their members to attend family gatherings or celebrate their own birthdays. This is their preaching; it is a sect that I have studied extensively. The Albanian government should pay attention to these groups that have entered Albania," said Vilajeti.
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