177 years since the birth of Naim Frashër, the symbol of Albanian national literature

 Naim Frashëri
 Naim Frashëri, the greatest poet of the Albanian National Renaissance, a patriot, thinker, distinguished educator, and cultural figure of Albania, and the most renowned Albanian intellectual of his time, was born on May 25, 1846, in Frashër, Përmet.

When the country became involved in the major events of the liberation movement, which would lead to the formation of the League of Prizren in 1878, of which Abdyli was the leader, Naimi helped establish the branches of the league in southern Albania, supported and spread its program. In 1880, he wrote the long poem "Shqipëria" (Albania), in which he proclaimed the main ideas of the Renaissance.

In 1881, Naimi settled permanently in Istanbul, where he became the soul of the Society for the Publication of Albanian Writings and the movement of Albanian patriots. He dedicated himself to the national cause, worked for the establishment of Albanian schools, and authored books, wrote poems, translated, and continuously published, contributing to the development of our literature and the publication of many works by other authors.

Naim Frashëri laid the foundations of Albanian national literature. His work marked the birth of a new literature with true artistic values that expressed the aspirations of Albanian society at the time and greatly influenced its struggle for freedom and progress.

His work laid the groundwork for the development of the Albanian literary language, which would later undergo further development to reach the unified and developed literary Albanian of today.

Naim's works include "Ëndërrimet" (Dreams), "Shqipëria" (Albania), "Bagëti e Bujqësi" (Livestock and Agriculture), "Dëshira e vërtetë e shqiptarëve" (The True Desire of Albanians), "Vjersha për mësonjtoret e para" (Poem for the First Female Students), "Lulet e verës" (Flowers of Summer), "Historia e Skënderbeut" (The History of Skanderbeg), "Qerbelaja," "Fjalët e Qiririt" (Words of the Owl), and others.

He died on October 20, 1900, in Istanbul, where he was also buried. His remains were brought to Albania in 1937.
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