The author of the murder of Ardian Nikulaj is the Portuguese Ruben Saraiva, 5 British collaborators

The author of the murder of Ardian Nikulaj is the Portuguese Ruben Saraiva, 5 British collaborators
 The moment of the murder of Ardian Nikulaj
 A week after the execution of businessman Ardian Nikulaj in Lezhë, in his business premises, the State Police held a press conference today.

Chief of Police, Muhamet Rrumbullaku, announced that the Lezhë incident has been clarified and that 6 individuals, 4 British, 1 Portuguese, and one Albanian, have been internationally declared wanted for this event.

Rrumbullaku stated that the individuals acted as a gang, and the perpetrator of the murder was Portuguese citizen, Ruben Saraiva.

The other individuals involved in the crime are Albanian, Edmond Haxhia, and the 4 Britons, Harry Simson, Thomas Mithan, Steven Hunt, and Harriet Bridgeman.

Media in Albania has provided footage showing the perpetrator of the murder just moments before committing the crime. According to local media, the Portuguese citizen attempted to carry out the murder several times before being successful on April 19th.

According to a photo, Nikulaj was under surveillance for several days by British citizen, Steven Hunt, who was staying at the 50-year-old businessman's hotel.

The perpetrators were discovered in a rented "Passat" car, which was used by the Englishman and the Portuguese.

The mastermind of the murder, Edmond Haxhia, is suspected to have ordered the hit. He is being investigated as the organizer, instigator, and financier of the crime. Edmond Haxhia is the nephew of Elton Lekstakaj. The Lekstakaj family has had a conflict with Nikulaj since 1997.

Local media has provided exclusive video footage of the moment when Ruben Saraiva, the Portuguese who executed businessman Ardian Nikulaj a few days ago in Shëngjin, appears just moments before the serious crime.

As seen in the video, Saraiva turned back from the road he was following before entering the premises where he shot the 51-year-old with 7 bullets.
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