The torture of an Albanian prisoner has led to the arrest of four Greek policemen

The torture of an Albanian prisoner has led to the arrest of four Greek policemen
 Greek police car
 The arrest of four Greek police officers was made public by the Ministry of Citizen Protection in Greece. They are accused of "torture and other insults to human dignity with collaboration" against an Albanian prisoner.

According to the official announcement, the Internal Affairs Service of the Security Forces made the arrest, and the four police officers were taken to the appropriate prosecutor's office.

According to the Ministry of Citizen Protection's notification, "as the result of the investigation, the arrested, an officer, two policemen, and the special guard, charged with the responsibility of guarding and transferring prisoners to the institution serving the sentence, committed acts of beating and torture against a foreign prisoner."

VOA reports that official Greek sources claim that "the prisoner's clothes were confiscated and were also examined by the doctor."

The prisoner, an Albanian who had been convicted of drugs and robbery, was being transferred from Thessaloniki to the high-security Koridhalos prison in Athens, according to the Greek media. The Albanian prisoner testified to the Greek media that he was brutally hit on the head by the police while he was in the "prison vehicle" where he was being transferred and that he asked for water on the way but was not given it. Greek media also reported that the Albanian prisoner said that when he got to Koridhalos prison in Athens, they put a helmet on his head to hide the blows to his head.
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