How criminals are apprehended and released in Dubai and the extradition agreement with Albania

How criminals are apprehended and released in Dubai and the extradition agreement with Albania
 Despite the expectation that they will be extradited, none of the members of criminal organizations that Albanian police have announced the arrest of in the United Arab Emirates have arrived in handcuffs in Albania, media reports.

All other arrests of this kind, including Dritan Shkembi, who was taken into custody a few days ago as a member of the group that planned the attack on former prosecutor Ndoj, are anticipated to be released.

Albanian criminals appear to have discovered the lost paradise of freedom in Dubai, where this is not the only arrest they have made. Before being released, they were held for a few days in a cell. In 2020, the Albanian government made an arrest in Dubai of Plarent Dervishaj, a former Durres gang member.

Dervishaj's arrest was forgotten within three days, despite the Albanian operation's codename "Nothing is Forgotten." Dervishaj was freed despite being wanted for the murders of Klodian Saliu and Vajdin Lama because the two countries had not reached an extradition agreement.

In the year 2020, Eldi Dizdari, who is thought to be one of the most powerful people involved in international drug trafficking, was taken into custody. Dizdari escaped from his cells in prison after being captured during Operation Los Blancos. He was wanted internationally and by Italy. A year later, Enea Alibej, Albert Dylgjeri, and Turk Erdal Duranay were executed in Elbasan in 2018, and Mikael Qosja, also known as Kamani, was arrested in Dubai on suspicion of being involved.

Despite the fact that authorities seized his passport and prevented him from leaving the UAE, he was released quickly. In addition to the arrests made in Dubai, it is possible that other members of well-known Albanian gangs are hiding there, and that even after they are caught, they will continue to commit crimes.
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