The Prime Minister of Montenegro apologizes for the violence against the Albanian professor at the border

Edi Rama and Dritan Abazovic in Tirana, February 27, 2023
Edi Rama and Dritan Abazovic in Potgorica, February 27, 2023
 The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dritan Abazovic, was asked during the joint press conference with Prime Minister Rama, regarding the violence exercised by the Montenegrin border police against the Albanian Professor Petraq Milo, local media reports.

Abazovic apologized to the professor and said that the actors who committed that ugly act will be punished.

Also, the head of the government in Podgorica withdrew from the statement that the professor had broken the queue. He said that after the information he received, the professor did not commit any illegal activity.

"In short, I am very sorry that this incident happened, I have apologized to the professor. Measures were taken immediately and the actors in this incident were arrested.

I'm sorry that this happened and anyone who comes from Albania is welcome.

I do not like to politicize this issue, as it has nothing to do with official politics, but with a catastrophic case.

I invite the professor to come, I have apologized and everyone is welcome. Those people who are responsible for what happened will be punished. The law will be enforced.

There were misinterpretations on my part that someone broke the queue, after the information I received, the professor did not break the queue, he even wanted to give his contribution", said Abazovic.
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