An application for Durrës, provides information in two languages about the coastal city

View from the city of Durres (archive)
 View from the city of Durres
 The whole of Durrës is expected very soon to be found in a single application.

"" is the innovation that the Durrës municipality is preparing for this summer season.

"One of the most innovative initiatives is the design and creation of an application. "" will offer the whole range of information about the city of Durrës", said Floreta Kërtusha, representative of the Directorate of Tourism.

In addition, the tourism directorate is working to create a unique portal with the same function.

Accessible in two languages, Durrës will thus be just a "click" away.

"A peculiarity of the application is the fact that the information will be in two languages, English and Albanian. This will also give access to foreign tourists who are interested in visiting Durrës. In addition to the application, a unique information portal dedicated to tourism will be created," said Kërtusha.

While Durrës continues to hold the "crown" of tourism in the country, why did this so necessary application come so late?

"It was initiated earlier, in 2019, but as a result of the earthquake and the pandemic, it became impossible to undertake such an initiative," she said.

The application is expected to be ready before the start of the tourist season when the first flows of local and foreign tourists will be registered in the coastal city.

The latter was the champion of tourism last year and it seems that he will keep this position this year as well.
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