'Scandal of WizzAir! The plane leaves from Tirana for London, stops in Thessaloniki leaving 4 Greek citizens'

A Wizzair Company plane
A Wizzair Company plane 
 It seems unbelievable, but it is true. On January 1, 2023, the WizzAir airliner, bound for London, departed from Tirana Airport, and made a stop in Greece, as there were several citizens with Greek passports on board.

This is what many Albanian media are publishing right now.

"Unbelievable! Today on the Wizzair Tirana-London route, the plane, instead of leaving for London, for the sake of four Greeks first flew to Thessaloniki, despite the anger of the passengers! This only happens with Albanian passengers! Or this is part of the Great Package for Albanians who are treated like no other nation! It's good that there were no passengers for Rwanda! Is there a state that protects Albanians!?! I know the answer! If you know, confirm to me anyway!” writes Manaj irritated on the Facebook social network.

But then, the commentators have also drawn the route of the plane's movement. And as one of them points out, with "FlightRadar24" the movement of WizzAir lines is clearly shown on all days. And they are marked in green. Only for the day when the plane first stopped in Thessaloniki and then headed to London, it is gray in color, adding even more doubts about this unplanned move.

"They must not have flown off-record, because there can be no other explanation," writes one of the commentators.

It is not the first time that there are problems with this kind of low-cost line. Many customers even complain about delays or not starting on time. But in order to have a reaction, all passengers must complete their complaints to the relevant institutions to take measures.
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