North Macedonia increases the minimum wage to €319 from March

north macedonian denars
 North Macedonian denars
 Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs in North Macedonia, Fatmir Bytyqi, says that in March 2023, the government will increase the minimum wage, which will reach the value of 19,600 denars (319 euros).

According to him, the government's goal is for two family members to cover the consumption basket.

The minimum wage was expected to increase to close to 20,000 denars from March. Based on the amendment and completion of the Law on the minimum wage voted by 101 deputies in the Parliament, the criteria for the annual harmonization of the minimum wage with 50 percent of the annual increase in the average wage and 50 percent of the increase in the cost of living are changed, INA reports.

According to this legal solution based on data from the State Statistics Agency, last year the minimum wage increased to 18,000 denars, while in the first quarter of the year it is expected to increase to at least 19,600 denars, according to the executive's calculations. The union expects an increase to 20,107 denars.

With the increase in the minimum wage last year, over 80,000 employees were involved.
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