Alda Klosi, Albanian official who had over half a million euros stolen from her home by the cleaner

 Former Economy Minister Arben Ahmetaj and Alba Klosi circled in red
 Alda Klosi is the owner of the apartment, in which the sanitary worker Rozeta Dobi and her son Javier Dobi robbed thousands of euros and dollars.

alda klosi in her office in tirana
 Alda Klosi in her office in Tirana 
It is learned that Klosi was a senior official in the Ministry of Economy of Albania, while the theft in her apartment, where she lived with her daughter, happened on December 15, 2022, Euronews reports.

Today, the police announced that around € 405,000€, $ 8,500, and gold accessories were found in the apartment of mother and son after a control by police forces, which were allegedly stolen from Klosi's apartment.

Police services found the money and gold accessories hidden in the suction pipe.

Mother and son were arrested the day before, suspected of stealing an amount of around 120 thousand euros and other valuables, in the apartment of Klosi, where the woman worked as a sanitary worker.

In total, the amount stolen from Rozeta Dobi and his son Havier Dobi is about 540 thousand euros, while the Albanian official Alda Klosi claims that 30 thousand euros were stolen from her, which she declared.

The theft of the apartment was carried out with the key that the house cleaner had, who took advantage of the moment when there was no one in the apartment. She and her son, after stealing the amount of money, made a mess in the house to lose track of them.

It was all done with the purpose of staging the scene as if the apartment had fallen prey to robbery by other perpetrators.

This event has caused more reactions in the opposite sense, in that where did a state employee find so much money? Given that according to statistics, Albania is among the most corrupt countries in Europe, there are many questions. Even experienced journalists say that the real thief, in this case, is Alda Klosi, not the cleaner, ironically of course.

While the suicidal journalist Kastriot Myftaraj stated about 9 months ago in his show that Alda Klosi is among the key people in the case of the incinerator - a corruption case of large proportions with millions and millions of euros where the former minister Lefter Koka is currently in prison.

From the left, Kastriot Myftaraj in his show "Ju flet Moska", above in red circled Rovena Beqiraj, left below Alda Klosi
"Alda Klosi was the director of concessions with Minister Arben Ahmetaj, in the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Entrepreneurship, the key person in the case of Incinerators... which was also summoned by the Special Prosecution Against Corruption..." says among other things Myftaraj.

But who is Alda Klosi?

According to the information published by the Albanian media, Alda Klosi is part of the Socialist Party of Albania and has worked in the office of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy.
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