740 thousand vehicles in Albania, Benz tops the list

 A traffic day in Tirana
 In Albania, there are 208 cars per 1000 inhabitants, a very low number compared to Europe where there are 530 cars per 1000 inhabitants. The data show that "Benz" and "Volkswagen" remain the favorite brands of Albanians.

There are 740,000 vehicles circulating in Albania, of which 80 percent are small private cars. Data from the Directorate of Road Transport show that Mercedes Benz has been the preferred brand for years, followed by Volkswagen and "Daimler Chrysler" (10.9%). Even in the brands registered in 2022, these brands topped the list, but most of them, at the rate of 52%, are old products from 2005-2009.

In the traffic that is created in urban areas and on national roads, Albania looks like there is an overload of cars. But, compared to the region and the European Union, our country, including Kosovo, has the lowest number of cars per 1000 inhabitants. In 2021, the country had 208 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants, out of 530 vehicles, which is the European Union average.

According to the districts, Durrës has the largest number of cars per resident, followed by Lezha and Gjirokastra, while residents in Dibër and Korçë have the fewest vehicles. In the capital, the motorization rate reaches 230 vehicles per 1000 inhabitants.
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