176 migrant children from Albania have vanished; Says a UK Minister

 British Minister Simon Murray made a shocking statement, claiming that 200 children seeking asylum have vanished and that 176 of them are Albanian. The collection of these figures is said to have begun in July 2021, UK media reports.

The Observer reported that a whistleblower from a Home Office hotel in Brighton had claimed that several children had been taken from the street and put in cars. This led to the revelation, which comes after the Observer reported this.

Police warned the department that children seeking asylum who had recently arrived in the UK without parents or guardians, often on small boats, would be easy targets for criminal networks.

In addition, the minister expressed his hope that the authorities will stop using hotels to house unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.

Numerous NGOs have offered to assist the Home Office in safeguarding children who have gone missing from shelters and raised concerns about this, but the government has rejected these requests.
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