The United Kingdom plans to deport Albanians, 7 million pounds per day for their housing

The United Kingdom plans to deport Albanians, 7 million pounds per day for their housing
 Thousands of Albanian asylum seekers are expected to deport immediately from the United Kingdom. This is reported by the well-known media Daily Mail, which emphasizes that this is part of a plan of the new government of Rishi Sunak to mitigate the crisis with illegal immigration in the English Channel. With this move, Britain seeks to avoid the appeal process of rejected asylum seekers and the high cost of housing them in hotels or other centers, which costs the state budget up to 7 million pounds a day.

Regarding this development, but also the debates of the last few weeks, intervened Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, condemning the targeting of Albanians and their discrimination, as he said, to cover failed policies.

"When Germany had a similar problem, it tightened its systems. The United Kingdom can and should do the same, not respond with the rhetoric of crime that ends with the punishment of the innocent", said Edi Rama.

The well-known media "The Telegraph", quoting officials from the Rama government, reports that the blame for the failure to stop illegal immigration routes rests with the British Home Office as it does not share information with the Albanian authorities.

Meanwhile, another proposal that is being considered to curb this crisis is that of tightening the law on Modern Slavery, as it has become the weak point of the immigration system. The British media, citing data from the Ministry of the Interior, write that this year alone over 12,000 Albanians have entered the country through the English Channel.

The minister for emigration, Robert Jenrick, who is expected to visit Albania soon, says that 10 thousand of them are single men, hinting that a large part of them collaborate with criminal groups.

But the government's handling of the crisis has been heavily criticized both inside and outside Britain, mainly for the inappropriate words chosen by cabinet members. The Foreign Minister, Suella Braverman, considered what was happening on the southern coast of the country an invasion by immigrants.
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