Father and son returning from England die from floods in the 'Great Highland'

Pjetër Rushaj and his 14-year-old son J. Rushaj
 Pjetër Rushaj and his 14-year-old son J. Rushaj
 Pjeter Rushaj tragically lost his life yesterday together with his young son, after the car they were traveling in was taken by the flow of the stream in Malesia e Madhe.

The businessman Rushaj was known for the characteristic constructions of the alpine area in Malesenia e Madhe (The great highland) and Dukagjin.

Yesterday, Rushaj was traveling in his Benz vehicle towards the village of Bogë in Malësi e Madhe together with his 14-year-old son and minor daughter.

The rainfall situation has pushed the 50-year-old, who had left England to invest in Albania, to go to the village of Bogë where he had built two houses together with his brother, to see if there was any damage to the houses. He had also taken his two children with him.

 Special forces search for bodies of father and son in "Lumi i Thatë", River Bogë
In the area known as "Grykë Lugje" he tried to cross the river, since there is no bridge in that place, but citizens cross the river.

The raging waters of the river did not allow him to continue, stopping the "Benz car".

He together with his son and daughter got out of the vehicle, and he told the daughter to go to the nearest village to get a crowbar to get the car out.

A powerful wave of the "Përroit të Thatë" 'kidnapped' his 14-year-old son, while Pjetër Rushaj swooped in to save his son. None of them managed to get alive out of there.

The bodies were found today after 16 hours of searching, about 300 meters below the car. The 14-year-old J. Rushaj was part of the team of the "Djelmnia Shkodrane" Football Academy.
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