23-year old Hitmen, Kevin Zenel confuses the target and kills the waiter in Tirana

Kevin Zeneli or Suçi,, source: Albanian Police
 Kevin Zeneli or Suçi, source: Albanian Police
 Only 23 years old, but he is internationally wanted. It is about Kevin Zenel or alias Kevin Suchi, who turns out to be involved in a series of paid murders.

His name is Kevin Zeneli or Kevin Suçi, he is only 23 years old, but he is on the list of paid executioners and for this, the entire state police is looking for him, media report.

The 23-year-old turns out to be a key person in the executions and attempted murders that were revealed by the Durrës police in the action coded "customer" where 14 people were arrested and 5 others were declared wanted.

Kevin Suçi is suspected of being the executor of the murder on January 4, 2022, in the "Don Bosco" area in Tirana.

He set out to kill Geron Hysenbelli, on the order of Kassander Noga, another name of the underworld, but confused the target and killed the bar's waiter, 35-year-old Erion Çela, who was serving at work as usual.

4 other people were also injured by the bullets of Kevin Suci's Kalashnikov.

An attempted kidnapping two days ago led to the dismantling of the criminal group operating in Tirana and Durrës.

They tried to kidnap the two brothers Dentian and Indrit Beqiraj on the highway but the plan failed.

The two brothers, after that, are thought to have become collaborators of justice and have confessed to a series of criminal events.

They have admitted that they are part of a criminal group of hired killers and have mentioned the name of Kevin.

It turns out that the two brothers Gentian and Indrit Beqiri are involved in the murder of May of this year in Sukth, where Arben Merkuri, known as Maneci, was also involved in a series of murders.

For Maneci's murder, the ones who ordered the kill is suspected to be Kasandër Noga and the executor is the 23-year-old Kevin Zeneli or Kevin Suçi. The 23-year-old is currently wanted internationally for attempted murder in Belgium.

Kevin Suçi is accused by the state police of murder, possession, and production of weapons and ammunition as well as providing the conditions and means for committing the murder as part of a structured criminal group.
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