The Belgian painter killed the 28-year old Albanian son-in-law

The Belgian painter killed the 28-year old Albanian son-in-law
 At the place where Ilir was killed by the Belgian painter
 The investigations into the murder of the 28-year-old Albanian in the town of IJzer in Belgium, Ilir S., also known as Maris S, have taken a sharp turn. The investigators have certain evidence that it was the father-in-law who took the life of the 28-year-old Albanian and ordered his arrest, Belgian media report.

The 54-year-old painter Stephane V. from Nieuwpoort was also the only suspect in this case. The evidence that proves this is solid, write the Belgian media, which clarifies that it was the 54-year-old herself who admitted that she had an argument with her son-in-law on the day of the murder, but he did not kill her. The evidence actually points to another version. Expertise has found traces of gunpowder in the hands of the 54-year-old, which has convinced the prosecutors that he is the killer, and according to them, the case may be close to its end.

"The analysis of traces of gunpowder on V.'s arms has been positive", judicial sources said. "This at least shows that V. was at least present that night when the shooting happened. The evidence against him continues to accumulate. In fact, we now only await his confession. This way we will be able to build the dynamics of the event and in this way his relatives will find some peace. Mario's relatives are waiting impatiently for the clarification of the incident.

The murder

Ilir S. from Koekelare, who was also known as Mario S., was found murdered on the evening of July 18 in the town of IJzer, next to his parked motorcycle.

The event appeared to be a case of accounts, which led the investigators to arrest the suspect, the victim's father-in-law Stephane V. (54), a freelance painter from Nieuwpoort who would have made extensive statements to the investigators and the investigating judge, of which it turned out that the relationship with the son-in-law was not good for years. Because of the "controversial reputation" of the groom and the "extraordinary surroundings" in which he moved. "But my client denies having anything to do with the murder," says lawyer Bram Elyn.

Ilir was not married to his daughter Melanie, but together with her he had a 5-year-old daughter and he also took care of her child from a previous relationship.
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