Prince Leka publishes archive document showing that the Bank's gold was not stolen by his grandfather in 1939

Prince Leka Zogu II in a public meeting in May, 2019 (Archive)
 Prince Leka Zogu II in a public meeting in May, 2019 (Archive)
 The General Directorate of Archives of Albania today published a document, where it was said that on September 16, 1943, was robbed the gold of the Bank of Albania.

Pinci Leka, who publishes General Directorate of Archives documents, has also reacted in this regard and says that this is another proof that shows that Albania's gold was stolen in 1943 and not in 1939.

document of the archive of albania
"Another proof that gold was not taken in 1939!" writes Prince Leka in his post.

We remind that the communist propaganda of Enver Hoxha in communist Albania said that King Zog took the gold with him when he left Albania. After 1939, the name of Ahmet Zogu was the main accused of illegal taking of gold from the Albanian Bank treasury.
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