Applications for solar panels in Albania are open from November 1

belinda balluku in a public speech
 The Minister Belinda Balluku in a public speech
 Minister Belinda Balluku said today that from November 1, applications are open for all citizens who want to install solar panels. According to her, the call will be open to all citizens and 70% of the investment will be subsidized by the state.

"For solar panels for water heating, it makes no difference to us whether it is in a building or a private house. There will be a transparent electronic meter application... The first applications are 2000, but we put this number for the counting effect. Then, as soon as the first applications are fulfilled, we will open other calls", said the Minister of Energy.

Furthermore, Balluku also spoke about the application of the energy ban that will be imposed from October 1, saying that the task force will be on the ground to prevent any attempt at abuse.

"It is true that 'bandages' (the limit consumtion from were the price rises furthermore) create abuse. The government with the new reforms of 2014 removed all the bandages that encouraged abuses. Double contracts to divide the consumed amount into 2 or 3 subcontracts. Everything is solved from the moment of digitization of readers. That's why we have taken out the task force in the field. One of their tasks is to control the entire operation of OSHEE. With the bandage, there may be attempts at abuse.

From all our analysis of 1 million and 90 thousand subscribers that OSHEE has, 40 thousand families are the ones that exceed the limit of 80KċH. Undoubtedly, it also depends on the weather conditions that there may be families that can exceed this for 2-3 months.

The price we will ask from ERE will be in effect until December 31. Then we will review it, depending on the local production we will have and the price of the energy, we will lower the price for the bandage, or we will remove it altogether", continued the minister.
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