Muhammad El Alabbar over 2 billion investment in the Port of Durrës, the largest in the Mediterranean: Rama

The project on paper of the new Port of Durrës
 The project on paper of the new Port of Durrës
 Prime Minister Edi Rama has ended his visit to Turkey, to be present at the signing of a memorandum that will pave the way for the construction of the new tourist port of Durres.

At a press conference from the Prime Minister, where the well-known businessman Muhammad El Alabbar was present, Rama said the investment would exceed $ 2 billion.

The head of government also showed an episode of his meeting with Rexhep Taip Erdogan in Ankara, saying the Turkish president had asked him to stay a little longer but had refused as he should be present at today's event.

Part of Rama's speech:

This morning, we were in Ankara with President Erdogan, we had a very brotherly meeting as always. And he wanted to keep me a little more, but I told him, I have a very strong reason to return to Albania today that we finalize a job, in the goals, discussions, sometimes even cracks with Mohamed Alabbar. And finally, we are ready to sign the cooperation protocol that paves the way for the construction of the largest tourist port in the Mediterranean.

It is an investor with an undisputed reputation and a will that derives from a friendship between Prince Mohamed bin Zayed and Albania and Albanians. The immediate presence in Kukes to assist concrete to our brothers and sisters who were moving from Kosovo. 

Mohamed bin Zayed returns with an expression of extremely goodwill, bringing here an investment that will exceed $ 2 billion. It is an investment that comes as a consequence of a series of steps.

I have this year's figures that speak more clearly than any speech to foreign visitors, excluding those from Kosovo who are already unregistered that we have opened the border. In June we had 604,000 tourists, including those from Kosovo. Today we have 807 thousand foreign tourists, neither from Albania nor of Kosovo. In July we had 1.1 million, today we have 1.1 million foreign passports.

It is not about bars, theaters, or residences that will be built there. But the construction of this port will increase the value of all hotels and properties in Durres..
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