Albania's resolution against Dick Marty's report, Russia reacts: We are determined, the people involved must be punished

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 The Foreign Ministry of Russia has reacted after the adoption of the resolution against Dick Marty's report in the Albanian Parliament. In the reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is stated that Russia is determined in its position and the persons involved in these crimes must be punished.

"The Albanian parliament approved a resolution that opposes the accusations related to organ trafficking in Kosovo and Albania. We remain firm in our position that the people involved in these crimes must face harsh and fair punishment."

The 2010 report, drawn up by the then Swiss senator, Dick Marty, and approved by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, claims that the leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army were involved in organ trafficking during the 1998- 99.

On July 21, the Resolution against the Dick Marty report proposed by SP was approved by anonymous votes. There were 125 votes in favor of the resolution against this report.

The parliamentary group of the Socialist Party submitted to the Assembly the draft resolution which requests that the claims raised by Dick Marty "for murder of persons with the purpose of extracting and selling their organs and illegal trafficking of human organs in Albania and/or Kosovo be considered unsubstantiated" ".

While in the text of the draft resolution it is stated that the in-depth investigations about Dick Martut's assertions about organ trafficking remain unargued, unproven, and unfounded, therefore it is emphasized that such should also be considered by the international community.

"The Assembly of the Republic of Albania finds that, after more than ten years of in-depth investigations by the EU's Special Investigative Task Force and its successor, the Office of the Specialized Prosecutor, the allegations raised in the Dick Marty Report about the murder of persons with the intent of extracting and selling their organs and illegal trafficking of human organs in Albania and/or Kosovo, included in Resolution 1782 (2011) of APKiE, point 1 and point 4, remain unsubstantiated, unproven and unfounded in evidence and facts and, therefore, should be considered as such by all national and international institutions."

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