About 200 families engaged in processing in Fier

About 200 families engaged in processing in Fier
 Worker transporting the reeds in Topoja, Fier
 The extraordinary story of the former agronomist from the village of Topoja, Fier.

13 years ago he abandoned his profession as an agronomist and would devote himself entirely to the processing of reeds, setting up a reed workshop.

The reeds are found in abundance in the drainage canals and in the numerous marshes of the Myzeqe area in Southern Albania.

Almost unbelievable, that with the massive vegetation of the canals of Myzeqe, especially of Fier, he set up an enviable family enterprise, using almost nothing mechanical, but only nature, handwork, and wisdom of the mind.

Arjan Bregaj from Topoja, Fier, once an agronomist of the area, today conquers the biggest markets in Europe with the processed reeds of the coastal area of ​​Fier.

Everything comes from nature: the reeds that fill the canals, while the reeds are found in the salty area of ​​the coast of Fier. With woven reeds, so much in demand for tourism in European countries. While zhuka (a local plant containing the fiber for making natural ropes etc) has no need for any work process, with the exception of drying. And from his workshop, it ends up in the markets of Italy to be used as natural shutters.

Anyone who does not know the value of this type of natural vegetation found in the canals and rivers, would either not look at it, or would cut it and burn it, but Arjan turns it into prosperity for the family, but also for the residents of the surrounding areas, some of whom he hired. He put most of them to work cutting reeds in all the canals of the area.

With the processing of reeds, a closed cycle has been established: 

Nothing is thrown away from the waste but used. The profession as an agronomist has helped me to find a solution for the waste from cleaning the reeds: I burn them and with their ashes, I create an organic fertilizer that is so useful for greenhouses. With a triple benefit, in 13 years, Arjan Bregaj, the former agronomist of the area, has managed to transform the natural reeds into a product that is much sought after for tourism, to clean all the drainage channels of the area and Fieri from vegetation, but also to put the villagers of his area to work. Over 200 families are employed in reeds processing throughout the year.
About 200 families engaged in processing in Fier About 200 families engaged in processing in Fier Saturday, August 06, 2022 Rating: 5
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