Journalist Franziska Tschindele presents the book on Albania in Switzerland

Franziska Tschindele and the book cover "Unterwegs in Albanien"
 Franziska Tschindele and the book cover "Unterwegs in Albanien"
 On June 24, 2022, starting at 20:00 in "Rotefabrik" Zurich, the book of the Austrian journalist Franziska Tschindele on Albania is inaugurated with the title "ALBANIA - FROM ISOLATION IN THE EUROPEAN FUTURE".

Journalist Franziska Tschinderle is born in 1994 in Austria, lives in Tirana and works and writes for many German-speaking newspapers, among others, for the Austrian news magazine "profil", for "republika", the Swiss left "woz", as Southeast European correspondent. she has conducted research work for this book since 2019. The book reflects the history of the Albanian state during the dictatorship until today. This book does not lack the collected stories and experiences of the lives of different people.

At the same time, Tschinderle deals with today's Albania: working conditions in call centers and mines, environmental pollution, student protests, and the opposition crushed in factional battles, as well as with the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

The preliminary book entitled "Through Albania" by the Austrian journalist Franziska Tschinderle has also served as the basis for an online discussion on Albania with members of the European Parliament.

The book's inaugural evening will be moderated by journalist Enver Robelli, a Southeast European expert for the Tages-Anzeiger. Robelli, who travels regularly to Albanian areas, will discuss with Tschinderle current developments in Albania.

"In no country in Europe does the sun shine more often and longer than in Albania. And yet in this book, you will not find the Albania of tourist guides and promotional brochures, but you will get acquainted with a country that is among the poorest in Europe and that still has a hard time uncovering its dark past." Franziska Tschinderle writes in the introduction of her book.

The generation of "Call center"

In addition to low salaries, there are poor working conditions in Albania, says the Austrian journalist. She shows the example of a call center that works for Vodafone Italy, a company that has 26 million subscribers, with a working volume of 6 billion euros, which pays Albanian employees 2.60 euros per hour. Payments in Albania for call center employees are ten times lower than in EU countries. "This shows the dual morale of the EU," says Franziska Tschinderle.

Viola con Cramon talks about the pressure being put on wage cuts, and urges the EU to do something to prevent Albania from returning to the low-cost labor market. Employees in Albania should not be allowed to compete with employees in Asia," she said. 

She thinks that to fight brain drain, perspectives should be created for people.

This book inauguration is organized by the bookstore "mille et deux feuilles" recommends to all Albanian-Swiss book lovers and other interested parties in the region and beyond to become part of the inaugural evening.

Place: Rotefabrik, Seestrasse 395, 8038 Zürich
ENTRY: CHF 15.00

Tickets can be ordered at
Journalist Franziska Tschindele presents the book on Albania in Switzerland Journalist Franziska Tschindele presents the book on Albania in Switzerland Wednesday, June 22, 2022 Rating: 5
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