EC President charles Michel today in Tirana

ec president charles and rama
 Charles Michel and Edi Rama in Tirana
 The President of the European Council, Charles Michel will be in Tirana today. He will be received by Prime Minister Edi Rama at 10:15 am on the boulevard near the Prime Ministry where the ceremony will take place.

The meeting of the two delegations will take place at 10:30, while the press conference by Michel and Rama will be held at 11:15 am, according to the official agenda.

Albania is waiting for a date for the first intergovernmental conference.

If no decision is made by Albania by June, Rama has indicated that the course to EU integration will change.

"President Charles Michel will come but these are not crucial days for Albania. I do not see anything decisive in relation to this fact, this is a process by which we are already accustomed to how it works. It is crucial for Albania to continue the reforms," Rama said after yesterday's visit to Germany.
EC President charles Michel today in Tirana  EC President charles Michel today in Tirana Friday, May 20, 2022 Rating: 5
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