Vucic humiliates and fires live the director of the Electricity Company of Serbia Milorad Grčić

Aleksandar Vucic and Milorad Crcic talking
 Aleksandar Vucic and Milorad Crcic
 The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said today that Serbia must have enough electricity to sell it by 2028. During his visit to the Zlatibor district, Vučić once again "publicly called out" the acting Director of EPS Milorad Grčić, telling him to stabilize the system until the New Year, and then "to find another job".

During his tour of the village of Seniste, Vucic said that there is no greater energy interest in Serbia than the reversible hydroelectric power plant Bistrica.

If you people do not protest, that is our number one project and that is salvation for our country, "Vučić told the residents of Senište, with which those gathered agreed.

He also stated that the reversible hydroelectric power plant Bistrica is the most important and that it will raise the whole area, adding that it is a huge amount of money and investment.

Although President Vučić said in the previous days that "we can count" that the acting director of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia, Milorad Grčić, has already resigned, and that he will no longer be the director of EPS, today he was accompanied during his visit to Senište.

Grcic said that it would be "realistic" for the Bistrica hydroelectric power plant to be on the network in 2025.

At one point, Vučić "called out" the director of EPS, addressing him with the words: "Grčić, why didn't you tell me that there was a small fire on B1?"

Grcic: We solved it immediately.

Vučić: It's not a question of what you decided, what you didn't tell me?

Grcic: Everything we can solve on our own ...

Vučić: I know, but I don't need to hear it from the Security Information Agency, I need to hear it from you ...

Grcic: I agree ...

Vučić: ... and not to get this information in the morning report.

Grčić: ... I didn't, not to burden you, that's all.

Vučić: Not to burden me? Okay, and that's why you don't turn off the A5 even though there's not enough coal. Is what we took coming?

Grcic: He's coming, he's coming tomorrow.

Vučić: That is important (...) I think that you will stabilize it until the New Year, and then Mićo, do something else.
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