Is It Necessary to Understand Child Psychology for Effective Parenting?

Is It Necessary to Understand Child Psychology for Effective Parenting?
Written for Oculus News by Lola Paskali - contributor
 Parents are often less involved in their children's lives when they enter high school. But your child needs all the attention and love as much as when they were younger or maybe more.  A good relationship with you or other adults is the best protection your child has as they grow. By the time they reach adolescence, both will have years of experience with each other. Remember, the parent of today's child is the parent of tomorrow's teenager. 

Watching your child growing up is an enjoyable experience for every parent, but remember, it can be overwhelming and scary at the same time. It could be very beneficial in turning into effective in guiding your child as they grow. You want to endure in thoughts that your child has a unique character that stays steady at some point in life. One of the methods you can recognize your child is by observing them as they sleep, eat, or play. Look for steady traits. Like - Which sports do they prefer best? Things like such are the everyday traits of a child, and your child won't be an exception.

What is child psychology?

Child psychology is a specialized field of study that focuses on children, primarily their development and behavior. It is one of the most studied types of psychology today. This type of psychology typically covers every child from birth through adolescence. Some areas covered by child psychology include behavioral issues, social skills, mental and emotional well-being.

This branch of psychology studies a child's mind and behavior from prenatal development to adolescence. Psychologists find the psychology of the child to be unique and complex. They have questions in mind about their experiences. They wonder if the first experiences are more important or the later ones or if nature or upbringing plays a bigger role in the child's development.

Why is understanding child psychology important?

Child psychology is one of the main fields of psychology. If you have a good understanding of child psychology, you can easily understand children's behavior. It is useful in various fields. Teachers can understand how to approach students since each student is different in their abilities. Parents can benefit from basic knowledge of child psychology. This will help to create a strong bond between the child and the parents.

Every parent wants their child to have a healthy development, but sometimes it is not clear whether a child's behavior is normal or abnormal. Only child psychologists can help you tell the difference. Understanding a child's normal and abnormal psychological patterns can help parents understand how to better communicate and connect with their child, teach them to deal with emotions, and help their child grow in every phase of development. Child psychologists can also identify abnormal behaviors early on, help identify the root of common behavior problems such as learning problems, anxiety, and help children cope with childhood trauma. 

Tips to Understand Child Psychology

Being a parent isn't just about providing your child with all the comforts. After all, good parenting means providing emotional comfort as well as a sense of security. You may have observed many times that many parents have difficulty understanding their children. And this leads to a bad connection between a child and his parents. However, there are a few tips you can follow to understand a child's behavior.

1. Observation

Observation is an important key to getting to know your child and what is going on in their head. You must show interest in your child's activities- what they say or do. As a parent, you must observe your child's expressions and daily routine. Always remember that each child is unique. It may happen like your one child is different from another one. So try to get to know them in their own way.

2. Spending Time

The first tip work only if you spend more time with your child. Parents today are too busy with their busy schedules. However, it would be best if you still managed some time for your child. Remember that the time spent only at the table is not enough to understand your child. You have to hang out or play with them. This allows you to learn more about your child's psychology. When you start spending quality time with your child, it will lead to a conversation with them. And at last, they will tell you more about their personal and school life.

3. Be Careful of Your Child’s Environment

Usually, a child develops their behavior more during the developmental phase. During this time, parents should monitor the environment in which a child spends most of their time. Our behavior shapes our environment and the people we meet. If your child is aggressive or shows fear in their behavior, it is very likely that someone is changing your child's natural behavior. So, as a good parent, you have to see if your child's company is good or not.

4. Complete Attention

Children need the unlimited attention of those they love, especially their parents. When you decide to spend time with your child, don't waste that time on other tasks. This time should be completely dedicated to your child. Most parents think they are spending time with their children while cooking, doing their assignments, etc. But it is not; this way, your attention is also divided into other activities. The best thing you can do in such a situation is planning a trip with them where only you and your child can spend time together. This will help you get a good idea of your child.

5. Listen

We talk a lot most of the time but forget to listen. Listening and understanding first, then speaking, is always essential for a positive conversation. During a conversation with your child, listen to what they are trying to say. Though they are wrong, listen to them completely first and then talk to them. Sometimes you have to listen to their stories as well. You can get a good understanding of your child's behavior through the stories they share with you.

6. Educate Yourself About Child Development

Always be alert in understanding the different stages of your child's development to determine how your child is doing. Take the time to read books and talk to a specialist who can give you insight into child psychology and development.  
Final Thoughts:

Understanding the behavior and development of child psychology is not an easy task for most parents, but slowly you will learn the basics of child psychology. Try to understand your child, and don't worry if you observe changes in behavior over time. Differentiating between abnormal behaviors and a child's transformation can be difficult to analyze sometimes. Sudden changes or rude behaviors are a concern parents need to address as quickly as possible. Once you understand what child psychology is, you can understand the various factors that can affect your child's psychology and development.
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