Ulcinj is preparing for the tourist season after the pandemic

Ulcinj is preparing for the tourist season after the pandemic

 The effort for the recovery of the tourist season on the coast of Ulcinj has engaged the local authorities and the employees of this field for additional preparation in the progress of this season.

In return to normalcy, some measures are being taken to alleviate cross-border obstacles that slow down the development of regional tourism.

The coast of Ulcinj is a favorite vacation spot for tourists from the region and beyond. Due to the pandemic, this beautiful tourist place suffered a huge loss last year causing a crisis with serious economic consequences for the area.

The Director of the Tourist Organization of Ulcinj, Mr. Gëzim Hajdinaga, points out that the loss in the field of tourism was over 80% compared to other years.

"We know about the blow that our city and the entire coast of Montenegro and the world, in general, have suffered. In Ulcinj and Montenegro, there is a very large loss compared to other years, up to 80%. We think that if a forecast is achieved with a possible increase of up to 50%, it would be a success for the employees and citizens of Ulcinj", says Mr. Hajdinaga.

However, the tourist staff in the Municipality of Ulcinj are preparing for this season and hope to get out of this difficult situation.

Well-known hotelier Shaqir Molla believes that this season will be better.

"We expect a lot from this season as the new government in Montenegro has given us a promise that during 2021 there will be no border closure for the entire region and we hope that if there is no deterioration of the situation with COVID-19 will be a successful season", Mr. Molla said to VOA.

In this context, Mr. Hajdinaga emphasizes that for the return to normalcy, are being taken measures to alleviate cross-border barriers between countries that are an obstacle to the development of regional tourism.

"We are working to eliminate barriers that have been a burden for tourists from Kosovo, North Macedonia, etc., who are obliged to pay vehicle insurance at the Muriqan border crossing. This affects the cost of tourists, but also the long waits at the border between Montenegro and Albania. We are also talking to facilitate the circulation between the countries of the region and to allow children to circulate only with a birth certificate", says Mr. Hajdinaga.

The Minister of Economic Development in Montenegro, Jakov Milatovi., During his stay in Ulcinj, noted the need for cooperation between the Government and the coastal municipalities.

"We need closer cooperation between the Government and the coastal municipalities to develop a constructive dialogue between the private and public sectors so that tourism as a branch, which generates revenue and has great effects on the Montenegrin economy, begins the real renewal", said Minister Milatovi.
Ulcinj is preparing for the tourist season after the pandemic Ulcinj is preparing for the tourist season after the pandemic Monday, May 03, 2021 Rating: 5
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