Here is how Anxhela Peristeri appears in Eurovision semi-final rehearsals

Here is how Anxheela Peristeri appears in Eurovision semi-final rehearsals
Anxhela Peristeri on the scene while on Eurovision rehearsals
 Anxhela Peristeri will sing on the stage of Eurovision in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on May 20, as the festival itself has published the video from the rehearsals.

Anxhela is among the last eight semifinalists to perform the rehearsals. In the rehearsals smoke appears behind Peristeri as her song starts. Dressed in a short, shiny bodysuit, she performs quite well on stage. The background will be exactly these clouds of red smoke and lights that turn on and off.

In the second rehearsal, there were more smoke effects with the movements of the singer's hands creating shapes and the scene was filled with more colors, but again excellent is her vocals. let's hope we will see Angela towards the final.
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