Edi Rama hands over the Albanian Passport to Anna Oxa, she's officially Albanian

  The famous singer of Albanian origin Anna Oxa has become part of a show on a local channel in Albania. She has lived all her life in Italy and developed her career as a singer, but she has never forgotten her origins. She applied for an Albanian passport and the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama personally went to Kruja Museum to hand over the passport to her.

Edi Rama consegna il passaporto albanese ad Anna Oxa, ufficialmente albanese
Edi Rama hadning over the passport to Anna Oxa
Part of the lak between them as seen in the video above:

Ardit Gjebrea: I have a surprise for you.

Edi Rama: How are you?

Anna Oxa: Good.

Edi Rama: Welcome.

Ana Oxa: Thank you.

Edi Rama consegna il passaporto albanese ad Anna Oxa, ufficialmente albanese

Edi Rama: Arditi told me that you wanted to come to Skanderbeg, this is a very beautiful museum.

Ana Oxa: And maintained.

Edi Rama: Have you been here before, or is it the first time?

Ana Oxa: No, I have been before.

Edi Rama: You are from…

Ana Oxa: From Kruja.

Edi Rama: We found out that you are here and Skanderbeg sent me a message.

Ana Oxa: Like that?

Edi Rama: While I was sleeping tonight, he appeared to me in a dream and told me that it was Ana Hoxha and not Oxa, in my castle. You have to go and confirm that she is part of my large army of Albanians who never give up. I brought you the Albanian passport, with a photo taken by Skanderbeg.

Ana Oxa: Thank you, it is true. Moreover, it is a very beautiful picture.

Edi Rama: From this moment you are officially Albanian. Skanderbeg's messenger on land across the sea. You should know that your fame has come here before you and not fame has come as a silent follower of Mother Teresa, but has come the fame of a follower of Skanderbeg, a warrior who if you do not open the way, he will exterminate...

Anna Oxa: Let’s say there are fighters who do not need the sword, but justice.
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