Albania is recruiting 50 additional staff doctors and nurses at two other COVID hospitals that will open if

 From the left: Nanada Çomo, Ogerta Manastirliu, and staff member
 The capacity of life-saving equipment in intensive care in hospitals is being strengthened, with 265 new monitors, funded by the Albanian government, to respond to the situation caused by COVID19. The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu, has inspected the University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa" in the framework of strengthening the intensive care units in the university and regional hospitals.

"There are 265 monitors, 50 of which are 'multi-parameter', are important life-saving devices that are added to the fleet of medical equipment in Albanian hospitals, in order to strengthen the capacity of intensive care, within our response strategy to COVID19, to "served the patients in the best possible way," said Manastirliu.

Funded by the state budget, the directorate of Mother Teresa University Hospital Center (known locally as QSUT) is completing the recruitment of support staff of 50 doctors, nurses to cope with the possible influx of COVID19 in the hospital COVID 3 (former surgeries), which will open if there is an increase of cases in the Infectious Diseases Hospital, in parallel with the University Hospital “Shefqet Ndroqi” if there will be an increase in cases in intensive care that need specialized treatment.

According to the strategy approved by the Technical Committee of Experts, there are four hospitals provided for coping with the situation caused as a result of COVID19, with a capacity of 550 beds.

Speaking about the strategy for dealing with the situation, Manastirliu said that hospital capacities are being increased to meet the needs today and in the future.

"The strategy is dynamic, it is responding to current needs but also in the future, whether for testing, field capacity, tracking and isolation, to limit the spread of COVID19," said Manastirliu.

Appreciating the heroic work being done in the infectious service at QSUT, Manastirliu called on citizens to implement the measures imposed and keep the mask as it is the only way to prevent the spread of the virus.

"Everyone has to lead by example. We first and every citizen. Every citizen has his rights but also the obligation to protect his health and the health of the people around him. Wearing a mask, physical distance and personal hygiene are the only weapons we have to limit the virus. Each of us with a personal example, to be careful and to have the right answer even in this second phase of reopening", said Manastirliu.

While the head of the Infectious Diseases Service said that currently the service has increased flow and appealed for the observance of the rules by the citizens.

"We have an increase in the number of hospitalized people and of course we have an increase in patients seeking follow-up in intensive care. It is the equipment with these devices that are offered to patients in intensive care is a great help that is offered to increase care. However, I would say that what we offer in intensive care is our maximum in the professional sense, but the population must be very aware that the freedom of one person goes so far as not to harm the health of another. I assure you that the virus has now started selecting each age group and aggravating their health situation. So the only call left is: We are at your service! We have only been in your service for many months, but keep in mind that you also have the obligation to maintain physical distance, and secondly, wear the mask wherever you are because they are the only weapons we have to protect ourselves from this type of virus", said Najada Çomo.
Albania is recruiting 50 additional staff doctors and nurses at two other COVID hospitals that will open if Albania is recruiting 50 additional staff doctors and nurses at two other COVID hospitals that will open if Monday, June 29, 2020 Rating: 5
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