9 victims in North Macedonia in one day from COVID-19

9 victims in North Macedonia in one day from COVID-19
 Nine people have died as a result of coronavirus in North Macedonia in the last 24 hours, bringing the total death toll to 247.

Within this short period of time, 90 new COVID cases have been recorded, increasing the number of those affected since the outbreak of pandemic in 5196. Meanwhile 2975 remain active cases and 1974 turn out to be cured.

Of the last nine victims, 5 are from Skopje, 2 from Tetovo and 1 from Gostivar and Ohrid. They are between the ages of 57 and 70. Health Minister Venko Filipce said in a news conference that even middle-aged people are not immune to COVID-19, noting that about 15 percent of those affected are under the age of 39.

The high mortality rate from the virus, according to some experts and health authorities, is the result of testing even after the death of patients who lose their lives to other chronic diseases. On the other hand, criticism is growing, especially from the opposition, both Macedonian and Albanian, that the authorities are incapable of managing the situation created by the coronavirus.

About 52,000 tests have been performed so far. 49 patients are being kept in oxygen, 6 in respirators at Skopje clinics, while 48 patients have been cured just in the last 24 hours; most of them, 30 from the town of Stip. Dozens of patients are hospitalized in other cities.

The Albanian-majority municipality of Cair in Skopje tops the list in terms of the number of infected. Of the 1,721 active cases in the capital, 394 have been identified in Cair. Calls for the observance of protective measures, such as wearing masks, maintaining physical distance in many cases are being ignored. The fines for these violations have been quite high.

Minister Filipce said that Japan had donated Avigan medicine to North Macedonia for the treatment of 100 patients with COVID-19. Although the drug has not yet been approved, it has had positive effects in treating the disease, according to the Macedonian minister.

Although the numbers of those affected and victims are worrying for a small country like North Macedonia, authorities have decided to allow casinos, sports gyms, public transport in Tetovo and other facilities to be opened as soon as the measures are eased.

The Skopje government is expected to decide whether to open the borders unconditionally. Those entering North Macedonia are currently required to have with them a negative test within the last 72 hours. Minister Filipce said that the surrounding countries are in a similar epidemiological risk and that talks will be held with the health ministries of these countries to find a suitable way for the circulation of citizens.
9 victims in North Macedonia in one day from COVID-19 9 victims in North Macedonia in one day from COVID-19 Monday, June 22, 2020 Rating: 5
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