4 Albanian MPs in the Serbian Parliament

 Albanians will be represented by 4 deputies in the Serbian parliament. Preliminary data show that the Albanian Democratic Alternative in the Presevo Valley won 0.9 percent of the total vote.
4 Albanian MPs in the Serbian Parliament
Map of lands in Serbia inhabited by Albanians, Presevo, Bujanovac, and Medvegja
For the first time, five Albanian parties from municipalities in southern Serbia, Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac, ran in the Serbian general election on an electoral list.

In a reaction, President Hashim Thaçi welcomed the victory of the Albanian deputies. "They will have more deputies who will raise their voices for the rights of Albanians there. The coordination of political actions always gives results and the Albanian Democratic Alternative is a good example to be followed by our compatriots wherever they live", said the President of Kosovo, in his reaction on social networks.

The Mayor of Presevo, Shqiprim Arifi, stated in an interview that this was the greatest achievement.

"We have secured 4 seats. We are very happy because we were able to do unification. Achieving a success that has been theoretically possible. We thought we would reach 3, but we are towards the 4th mandate. This is a success, as we have been able to be among the 5 main parties of the Serbian parliament through 4 deputies. It has been the process of unification in order to compete. Unification has been more difficult than yesterday. The Republic of Kosovo, the Valley but also the Republic of Albania, has been able to convince us. There are several reasons why we have reached the list, it is the fact that I modestly say that I represent the youth of the Presevo Valley. This has been a factor in reaching such an agreement. If you have interests in the nation, then comes the unification. We overcame these interests of many parties. The main diplomat Cakaj was our mediator in this process. On party interests, he has not sided with either side. Together we have unified the coalition. We have received strong support from Albanians, mainly those from the Municipality of Presevo. They have embraced this idea. Citizens have hailed this coalition. The arrival of Albanian parties in the Serbian elections is more of a surprise to Vucic than a result for him. He touched on the subject and it was a surprise. That was an achievement," Arifi said.
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