War against COVID or the Devil 666?

 By Blerina Alla

 Theories, thesis, and hundreds of hypotheses we have heard and are hearing day by day about the situation created by COVID-19 or Corona Virus. Theories from the most scientific, popular to the most conspiratorial. Everyone is busy thinking a little while trying to figure out what's really going on. Everyone tries to give their own logical or confusing interpretation. I say interpretation because in my opinion, everything is an interpretation that arises from the way of perceiving the world, the phenomena, and every detail according to the worldview of everyone also based on the knowledge that each individual possesses in particular! That is why diversity makes the world as beautiful and challenging as solving an enigma. I consider it so, enigma also COVID19. Let's try to give a solution, but first let's not forget the main elements that are being quoted at all times: Medicine, Patient 0, Formulas, Technology, and Vaccines, along with numbers, arithmetic. We are numbers too! Do not forget! To solve this enigma we probably need to start solving the COVID19 equation otherwise called Corona Virus. Let's not forget the saying: Sometimes things are hidden in the most visible place!

In itself it seems that we are dealing with a code that will be deciphered. So let's try it once:

Let's read it for a bit like a Roman numeral.
According to numerical tables each letter represents a specific number, carries a value. For this you can recall the basic lessons learned from the elementary. If we were to take any number we would have the value:
C = 100/0 =? / V = ​​5 / I = 1 / D = 500 and 1 + 9 = 10
100+ 0+ 5+ 1+ 500 + 10 = 616

In this way, because O is the only letter that can also be read as zero thanks to the visual or calligraphic effect. In this case we read it as zero.

And the total results: COVID19 = 616 which otherwise symbolizes "The beast Number" - "Number of the Beast" according to the Book of Revelation. So, it represents the devil according to the Greek manuscript of the bible of the V century.

Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus is already a palimpsest found in France after it was once bought by the Medici family, still under study. Although the number 666 represents the devil in popular belief, many scientists believe that the number 616 is the original number that defined the devil, and that the number 666 was further created precisely because the Greek number for Jesus was 888.

In addition, considering the idea and the fact that history over the centuries repeats itself at different times but that only people and instruments change, everyone can research thanks to free access to the events of the 616 in history. And so you could connect the past with the present so that could translate it into time.

So we have COVID = 616 and a "zero patient" which was the cause of the spread of this pandemic.
If we go further and collect:
6 + 1 + 6 = 13

We get this number, which is considered by many to be an unfortunate or lucky number for some others, depending on their beliefs, beliefs or personal experiences.

According to biblical interpretations, the number 13 symbolizes the Last Supper with the 12 Disciples, where Judas would be the 13th, the one who would betray Jesus.

So if we were to think a little differently, this "pandemic" created in medical laboratories, if we refer to the concept of Judas, then it has its Judas: Patient Zero. A starting point or horizon, from where everything starts for development and measurement.

And if we were to go further in simplifying the number 13 we would have:
1+ 3 = 4

We get the square, a number that symbolizes Force and the four elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

Of course we have not forgotten the value-added after the COVID code, the 19th. Which if we simplified to get a single number we will have:

1+ 9 = 1
The unique number which symbolizes the vertical connection and God. Not in vain does the name of God in many cultures begin with the letter which has the value One. He is the One and the Only. Or it is also known as the number of self-sufficiency or self-determination.

And if the number obtained from the code COVID and 19, all this translated into the formula as COVID 19 then the equation will give us:

100 + 0+ 5 +1+ 500 = 616
6 +1 +6 = 13
1 + 3 = 4

19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1

Conclusion: 4 +1 = 5

Five is known differently and as a number of secrets in the practices of secret fraternities since ancient times. An important detail that was also represented by the five-petalled rose.

So far for the translation of this formula referring to the Roman numeral table.

But what if I get the "Loan" value of the letter O from the Hebrew numerical table to transcribe this code? Because O we said is the only letter that leaves room for interpretation thanks to the visual or calligraphic effect. Since we also give and take all the time with other cultures when needed. Also, Christianity would have its sisters or brothers everywhere in the world, considering the importance of these collaborations. This is because we are also referring to the biblical texts from the earliest to the present.

Let's try it then:
In the numerical table of the Hebrew language the letter O has the value 60.

Therefore if we use this formula:
CoVID 19 will have:

100 + “60” + 5 + 1+ 500 = 666

So we take what in contemporary culture we call the Devil's Number. Therefore it is not at all difficult to get famous numbers with less concentration and fantasy. Considering that everything can happen thanks to the secret collaborations that go against humanity by those who command and attack the masses. Theories are being talked about every day.

And if we apply the same method of simplification of the equation then we will have:

1) CoVID
6+ 6+ 6 = 18 = 1+ 8 = 9

2) 19
19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1+ 0 = 1

Conclusion: 9 + 1 = 10 = 1+ 0 = 1

So in total we get the One.
Maybe in this case the real Judas comes from this introspection of Judaism with Roman?

And in conclusion in both cases the considered code of the COVID remains either the Beast Number or the Devil Number. Which basically represent the same thing. Craftiness. Evil and the danger of his temptation or domination. It depends on how much strength we give to people. By fighting it or letting it act.

So if in both cases of the equations we consider only the final number obtained the total would be 5G.

As for the visual effect I am alienating G from the well-known logos of the fraternities or referring to any word beginning with G in the official international language which is English. Starting from the word God - God to Generation - Generation. This and the theories circulating about manipulation through 5G technology, then this may be what I can imagine as the most approximate. Since in historical, scientific, technological and political developments, innovations or orders are counted for generations, such as the 5th Generation in China referring to the communist system in 2012. Or the 5th Generation in technology and so on, as the information is endless and we cannot summarize it in a single post. But if you go in search of curiosity, even online, with these keywords "Fifth Generation" you will find something for every field, so much so that you will start to get lost. So take things in stride and try not to focus too much on the problem. That would be a great way for you to put technology or the internet at your fingertips, and not otherwise. This is a very important difference and detail in terms of time.

But let’s get back to where we left off. So we got the total 5G or 1-God, I'm supposing in this case.

Five for me in addition to the general meaning they have given it has major value. After all, the Fifth Element is the Wave, not time, because, in my opinion, time is the eighth element. What about six and seven? Well, all cannot be said anywhere and anyone. But only for the ears of the reason, as they say.

I can only say that I think the seventh can be found behind a system of values ​​that relates only to my methodology, to my personal style of looking at the world and its meaning. But that probably has to do with my genesis and the creative abilities I have by nature. Maybe I can't reveal it all in a single article but at the same time let me know that this is not the purpose. The only purpose is to stimulate everyone's imagination to arouse their interest in seeing the whole story from a different perspective. And I know very well that most have tried even while talking here. They also have information. Also, the experts in the respective fields have impressed us every day with their analysis. As nothing is coincidence in essence. We too are the product of that chain reaction or cause-and-effect axiom, in interaction with the whole of existence. Or in constant reaction to each other. Maybe the number six unites us according to some theories.

That is why I am staying and returning to the fifth element, as I said above: Wave. It is the most important element that has been used since the genesis, we are everything that nature has, but we are also frequency, we are also waves. Through them we communicated also when we did not have the word as today. We have acted and received and exceeded information. Remember the most important thing is the sound wave, even when we stutter, because we are both energy, frequency and number. And when the sound wave is perceived it means that this energy has moved, on the ground, water, fire and air or a solid substance causing vibration which exceeds the source from which it was born. Nowadays we have managed to put this element to good use so much that beyond telepathy or other vibrations we have managed to materialize it to control each other up to those who control the masses, monitor each other to the point of manipulation. Perhaps we have reached a point of abuse so much that today we risk being reprogrammed differently and even monitored intimately. So much so that many cannot afford this change. Everything we see around confirms this. Perhaps this is the right moment for those of us who gave up our free imagination to make their fantasy come true by seducing us with their achievements so much so that we now find salvation and risk giving ourselves the status of a true God by challenging what really has created us. Maybe this is the moment in this game with levels that we all played and the next move is nothing but injection, and that's where everything is done. How much is it worth giving power to Wave and let it use us and not the contrary?

Is that what we are waiting for? A technological "God" that we humans created and are allowing to become more and more existing because we only chose science by forgetting ourselves, even when we thought we were doing it?

No being has limits of nature but we are the ones who limit ourselves, each other or every possibility. When we are able to do this, are we not able to put limits on those up there who do not know such thanks to ambitions for power, arrogance towards humanity and the delirium of greatness to show their power ?!

So let’s think for a moment!

Are we really at war with a common COVID 19 virus or with the Devil himself?

Because as some would say, without crime there is no creation. And without sacrifice there is no progress!

Why should we allow them to take from us the divine right to live in harmony with the universal rule of nature as we were created, and not with the laboratory chaos of the rats which are also not respected?!

Well I say no to them along with the vaccine because I don’t see myself a rat in their hands. I love the life that someone else has given me and not those who are small creators of laboratories, but who give great value to their every creation, because they have forgotten the value of everything, even life itself!

Do not forget:
CoOVID 19 or war with 616 or 666?

To be Continued ....

Respectfully, 5L!
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