Ulcinj warns of tourist season after pandemic COVID-19

Ulcinj warns of tourist season after pandemic COVID-19
 Ulcinj Castle by drone
 Tourism representatives in Montenegro do not rule out the possibility that the tourist season will start in early July with visitors from the region, although they have not presented any timeline for the possible opening of the season after coronavirus pandemic.

They warn of convenience for beach and facility owners as well as adequate protection for visitors.

The director of the Ulcinj Tourist Organization, Fatmir Gjeka, believes that there will be a tourist season this year as well.

"I hope and believe that we will have a tourist season this year as well. I rely on the fact that we have had 70-80% of guests from the region. Although it depends not only on us, but also on the situation in the region, however, based on the current situation, we can enter directly into the momentum of the tourist season in July and August ", said Mr. Gjeka.

In this context, the Public Enterprise for Coastal Management of Montenegro warned of facilities for owners of beaches and coastal facilities. The Chairman of the Steering Council of this company, Xhaudet Cakuli pointed out the facilities for the progress of the tourist season.

"We are determined to postpone the obligations of tenants in the 'Maritime Goods' area of ​​beaches and various facilities on the Montenegrin coast for a period of 90 days," said Mr. Cakuli.

Even on the coast of Ulcinj, are being considered different approaches in maintaining the distance between vacationers. This distance according to Mr. Cakuli will be 4 meters.

"We have made some provisional proposals, which provide for the removal of the tent from each other at a distance of 4 m. However, in this context, the evaluation of the health authorities will be important and in cooperation with them we will approve the final plans ". said Mr. Cakuli.

Even Mr. Fatmir Gjeka believes that such an action in maintaining the distance is helped by the special and very extended beaches of Ulcinj.

"Our advantage is that we have coastal areas such as the Big Beach where we can easily maintain the distance. We are the only municipality in Montenegro where we have space for distance for a very large number of guests", said Mr. Gjeka.

The municipality of Ulcinj is one of the places with special tourist resources in Montenegro, which thanks to this wealth survives also economically.
Ulcinj warns of tourist season after pandemic COVID-19 Ulcinj warns of tourist season after pandemic COVID-19 Saturday, May 02, 2020 Rating: 5
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