Albanians surprising doctors in London Hospitals with Flowers and Pizza

 And while the whole world is gripped by Coronavirus, doctors are the ones working on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

Undoubtedly, everyone is in solidarity with their work in the fight against the deadly virus. The same are two Albanians in London, who have found another way to thank them, surprising and thrilling them.

Diamand Hidri, who runs an Albanian Law Studio in London, as well as the couple Lana and Qemal Visha, who run a beauty salon, together with their respective staffs were yesterday in two hospitals in London, where they donated to the staff flowers and a considerable number of pizzas. This humane gesture of the Albanians for the sacrifice they are making, has obviously surprised the doctors. Even to encourage them to show that they are with them, every Thursday at 18:00 millions of people in the UK go out the windows or in front of their homes to applaud for the work that doctors are doing for them to fight coronavirus.

"Doing small things, but with great love." Albanians have always shown that they have a big heart… And one of the doctors who is on the front line of the war against Covid-19, the Albanian Altin Hoxha, after thanking his compatriots for the gifts and their humane gesture, said that by dedicating himself to coronavirus, other diseases had been neglected. Making other patients have complications.

"We have passed the point and the situation is improving but will last a long time, because even when we return to normal life, we have to keep the distance," he said.

While the businessman Diamand Hidri, regarding this gesture, said to Gazeta Shqiptare: "The reason is purely humanitarian, this to appreciate their sacrifice, who are in a difficult situation, fighting on the front line against a dangerous enemy around the globe. Seeing their tireless work, we thought we would surprise them by giving them bouquets of flowers that symbolize life and love, and also give them pizza. Of course, they were surprised by such a gesture", said Hidri.

The UK officially has 32,313 victims of COVID-19, which is the highest figure in Europe.

That figure rose sharply within a week after authorities decided to balance the death toll from COVID-19 at home. Until April 24, this did not happen and Britain had about 22 thousand victims, but today there are 10 thousand more. This week, Britain will even unveil its reopening plan as the number of hospital casualties is falling.
Albanians surprising doctors in London Hospitals with Flowers and Pizza Albanians surprising doctors in London Hospitals with Flowers and Pizza  Tuesday, May 05, 2020 Rating: 5
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