Albanian doctors around the world opened a virtual hospital, see how it works

 COVID - 19 is causing tremendous damage to humanity in many ways. But in these difficult times for all of us, just as damaging is the informational chaos that is accompanying the coronavirus. Dozens of fake news have been circulating in recent weeks in many countries around the world, including Albania.

Perhaps this was one of the main reasons that led a group of Albanian physicians living and working in several countries around the world to create a COVID - 19 information platform. One of the doctors of this initiative called Milan for Albania explains to Euronews Albania how it works.

Doctor Besart Çuko tells us that the answers from the doctors will be provided in real time and they are available 24 hours a day. The platform is in Albanian so that all Albanians everywhere can live easily. The doctor claims for Euronews Albania that the number of professionals who are becoming part of the platform is increasing day by day with other professions related to coping with this situation.

One such is the profession of psychologists. In quarantine days, an important point to keep in mind is mental health. So citizens can ask questions in this regard as well on the platform, such as how we can take care of mental health, how much we are at risk in this time of isolation.

Doctors have decided to rotate online to answer all people's questions, professionally and based on scientifically proven facts. They will also share their experiences from countries where they work, which are in fact the countries most affected by COVID - 19, such as Italy and Spain.

The information to be provided on the platform is free of charge. Doctor Chuko claims that this has been seen as a good opportunity for physicians to somehow serve their compatriots even remotely.

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the high number of Albanians working as doctors, nurses, researchers or department heads in very important institutions around the world.

Therefore, even these times, Albanians have felt proud of their work and at the same time regret that they have left the country. While such initiatives are a service more of these doctors to their compatriots in Albania and not only.

The platform is operational at

But also on facebook, instagram and youtube social networks where you can find it with a milanomedical description.

Above is the video that doctor Besart Chuko started with explaining how this platform works.
Albanian doctors around the world opened a virtual hospital, see how it works Albanian doctors around the world opened a virtual hospital, see how it works Thursday, April 02, 2020 Rating: 5
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