Montenegrin Police detained a Serbian with secret letters and military duties

Montenegrin detained a Serbian with secret letters and military duties
 Montenegrin police on Wednesday detained a Serbian citizen, Zeljko Stankovic, employed as a civilian by the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Ostrog Monastery, to investigate further the seized documents classified as "strictly confidential" announcing the organization of sabotage actions in Montenegro.

According to Pobjede, Montenegrin police carried out extensive action earlier this week to locate certain security-related individuals suspected of participating in narcotics smuggling operations.

On Wednesday morning, police raided a "flat" in Niksic, hoping to find the person from Podgorica, for whom an internal warrant had been issued. According to operational data, that person was supposed to be hidden, with his girlfriend, a Niksic, in a rented apartment.


Instead of a third member of a criminal clan, police found Zeljko Stankovic, a Serbian citizen with a registered residence in Montenegro, in the apartment. He told investigators that he rented an apartment in Niksic a few months ago while working on the estate of the Ostrog Monastery.

However, Police used a court order and found, in the course of the search, except for several marijuana joints, something much more intriguing: "strictly confidential dispatches", designated as "military secrets".

All three are titled  Panther Command, and the content seems daunting. The recipient of the first dispatch is informed that he (an unidentified person, without a name in the dispatch) and his men from the "Panther" Command" are not part of the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia" that the previously designated force commander in Montenegro,  "abandoned the operation" and that "before the armed conflicts in Montenegro "two packages should be taken.

Contact: the snake

Shipments that the Panthers in Montenegro are supposed to pick up are marked with code cc-24/1 and cc-24/2. The contents of the package are not stated, but the tasks of the secret unit are precisely specified: "taking strategic positions, observation, diversion and keeping strategic positions during the conflict." ...

At the end of a strictly confidential record, it is indicated that "further communication continues through the contact 'Snake'".

The cited dispatch was registered on November 15, 2019. By the type of writing, the structure of the text, and the commands given, the confidential document is reminiscent of a "black operations" instruction that a state, through agents or mercenaries, secretly carries out in another country's territory.

Indicative is also the time of dispatch: what a week before the adoption of the Law on Freedom of Religion, when pro-Serbian political parties in Montenegro, including the leaders of the Serbian Orthodox Church, announced riots, protests and "blood-defended saints" at all bells if the law was passed in Parliament of Montenegro.

The moment for some action by "patriotic fanatics" was ideal: riots were expected to occur in Montenegro starting from January.

To get everything authenticated, at the bottom of the seized dispatches are the signatures of persons who actually exist in the Serbian intelligence nomenclature: Bratislav Gasic, director of the Serbian Security and Information Agency, and Zoran Stojanov, a lawyer employed by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia.

Clues and suspicions

These are people who are really in these positions.

Gasic, a former controversial Serbian defense minister, has been the director of the BIA since 2017, under the orders of Aleksandar Vucic, and Zoran Stojanov is a military official at the Ministry of Defense, Zoran Vulin, authorized to handle requests for access to information from the Public Relations Administration.

It is hard to believe that such scary content would even be found with the original signatures of two Serbian security officials with a twenty-year-old Serbian citizen from Novi Sad.

According to Pobjeda, Stankovic is not known as a security interest and some of his minor offenses have been reported in Serbia.

He moved to Montenegro in 2017 and is employed by the Ostrog Monastery. At the hearing, our source said, he emphasized that he was engaged in "not much difficult physical work, sometimes ensuring that pilgrims' columns pass through." He regularly receives EUR 400 in compensation per month, and sometimes, for the needs of the monk Matej Vuksanović, who hired him to work in Ostrog, he also does the work of courier.
Montenegrin Police detained a Serbian with secret letters and military duties Montenegrin Police detained a Serbian with secret letters and military duties Friday, March 13, 2020 Rating: 5
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